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"A heart of gold, and a fist of iron" - Shin Xuejin

Lu Shu, the protagonist of the novel Spare Me, Great Lord!. He is abandoned by his parents at a young age, only retaining a walnut-shaped pendant from them. When he gets into a car accident, his pendant manages to save him, while bestowing the distress point system in the process. Travelling under the employment of the Heavenly Network, Lu Shu learns more about the world, and himself.


Lu Shu is a relatively tall (185cm) young man with scruffy black hair.

his hair turn blue when he uses his water powers.


He takes a neutral stance towards the world, unwilling to network. Lu Shu will do anything if his loved ones are at risk. He was offered the position of the Ninth Heavenly King but rejected the offer. He eventually accepts it after bonding and receiving warmth from the people around him (also from the constant scheming from Nie Ting). His personal data is heavily protected in Heavenly Network.

His Sound of Dao spanned over 50 miles (TBC) and even caused internal injuries for his companions at that time and had another advancement (Which was never heard before -> normal people only evolved once) which involved made Twinkle Twinkle Little Star rang throughout the palace (this even cured chronic illnesses of some civilians -chapter 1041).


In Luniverse[]

He is considered good looking in Luniverse. He loves money and the only time he does not take the offer for money is when he can take the person himself since the money will also belong to him if the person is also his.

Wanted to join Wei Wu Army in Luniverse -> defeats the bandits of Azure Dragon Village and became the new Lord instead. Creator of “Escape poverty and make a fortune!” and sold soap with the bandits. Made them do homework in order to earn Distress Points. Made a deal with the commander of Wei Wu Army, Ye XiaoMing for the recommendation to compete to become a sword hut disciple, Ye XiaoMing was killed almost immediately after he left due to war from the Black Feather Army. Lu Shu took over the Army and made them plant peanuts in exchange of taking over. Signed the Treaty Of Alliance with the whole army of 3000 (which even a Rank A cannot do) which surprised Zhang Weiyu and the others due to the fact that it requires a lot of mental strength in order to bear the treaty. Eventually gave up selling soap and leaving the sword hut when he heard of the pathway between Earth and Luniverse opening and Duanmu Huangqi invading Earth.

He is the reincarnation of the Old King of Gods in Luniverse. He gave up the title to Wen Zaifou to lead a normal life on Earth after the last war.

Old King of Gods[]

He is very well respected and thought to be very educated in Luniverse. Implemented many ideas he saw on Earth China where he calls "Land of the Forefathers". Copied a alot of poems and pretended it was his. Constantly causes distress to the people around him like Lu Shu and has an ability to know the person identity beforehand (Similar to LuShu). He has break through the Master Realm and is either in the Eternity Realm or the level above it. He has the same weapons as LuShu and all those who has seen his weapons are either dead or very very close to him (Puppet masters, Ouyang Lishang).

Did not believe in making slaves and signs treaty of Alliance like Lu Shu. Called the Demon King and has 4 Lord of Heaven and 7 puppet masters (most of them are orphans from war). He is very cautious, distrusting and eventually kills himself as he could not pull himself out of his dark side. His dark side formed spirits which planned with Yu FuYao, Qing Kong to kill Lu Shu. He also brought over many or most of the dangerous animals which evolved due to the environment and criminals into a remain. He set up remains in order to store the weapons and the materials needed to build it from Luniverse as he believed that weapons would not be needed since there was no more war. Remains also contained relics which was thought to be what the Old King planned for Lu Shu in order to slowly gain back his powers and grow stronger.